Windshield Replacement Process

Replacing your vehicle’s cracked or damaged windshield should be a top priority. Not only does a damaged windshield affect the look of your vehicle, it can also reduce your visibility and affect the structural integrity of your vehicle, making it dangerous to drive. Fortunately, windshield replacement is a simple, affordable process that can be completed quickly.

The first step is to remove the old windshield. This involves removing any trim around the window and cutting the urethane adhesive between the windshield and body of the vehicle. A suction cup tool is used to affix to the window and allow it to be pulled off the vehicle.

The new windshield is cleaned and prepped for installation. Urethane is applied to the windshield and the suction cup tools are used again for the installer to lift the windshield and carefully place it in the frame of the vehicle. The urethane adhesive typically requires half an hour to cure, then you’re ready to safely get back on the road.

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